08: Traders Alley Sky Tapestry – Gretchen VanNostrand

Completed Location #08

Traders Alley

“Traders Alley Sky Tapestry” by Gretchen VanNostrand


Like a volunteer flower which has sprung up from the abandoned cracks of a concrete sidewalk, this suspended installation of ribbons is surprising, joyful, delicate, and temporary. It suddenly appeared in the uncelebrated service alley, and is expected to fade with the seasons.

Beyond the bouyant colors, the effect of the suspended tapestry is a reduced scale of the courtyard as it brings the ceil(ing) down to within reach. The verticality of the courtyard has been transformed into a series of horizontal planes, and is now at a human scale.

During the daylight hours, the sky reigns from above as the colorful field of dancing ribbons is now the focus of attention. Simultaneously, ribbon shadows are cast onto the courtyard, populating the public space with what appears to be a mass choreographed ballet.

As the day slowly gives way to night, the ribbons dissolve to black and are silhouetted against the colorful drama on the western horizon.

Once darkness has taken on its nightly reign, a warm light radiates from the adjacent basement windows and highlights the bottom tips of the ribbons as they hang from the emptiness above.



1989 – 1994Virginia Tech – Course of Architecture


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